Institute for Computational Neuroscience



Former Students

While he was a professor of physics in the Kangwon National University, Dr. S.-Y. Kim supervised one Ph. D student, two M.S. students and 25 undergraduate students for their thesis works.

  Woochang Lim (Ph. D, Daegu National University of Education)

     Thesis: Dynamical Behaviors of Coupled Chaotic Systems and Quasiperiodically Forced Systems:

                   Synchronization and Strange Nonchaotic Attractors, 2005. 8. [PPT] [PDF]

  Kijin Lee (M.S.)

      Thesis: Transition to chaos in a parametrically forced damped pendulum, 1996. 2.


         1. S.-Y. Kim and K. Lee, "Multiple transitions to chaos in a parametrically forced pendulum,"

          Phys. Rev. E 53, 1579-1586 (1996). [ PDF ]


         2. S.-Y. Kim and K. Lee, "Period doublings in coupled parametrically forced damped pendulums,"

          Phys. Rev. E 54, 1237-1252 (1996). [ PDF ]

  Dayun Yu (M.S.)

      Thesis: Effect of mass transport on the protein adsorption in a miniaturized SPR sensor, 2003. 2. [ PDF ]


  Eunjoo Lee (B.S.)

      Thesis:Critical behavior of invariant curves in area-preserving maps, 1991. 2.


   Duksung Lee (B.S.)

      Thesis: Recurrence of invariant curves in a dissipative standardlike map, 1991. 2.


        1. S.-Y. Kim and D.-S. Lee, "Transition to chaos in a dissipative standardlike map,"

        Phys. Rev. A 45, 5480-5487 (1992). [ PDF ]

  Joonyoung Moon and Jiyoung Lim (B.S.)

      Thesis: Strange attractor in the Lorenz equation, 1999. 2. (in Korean) [ PDF ]


  Jaeyong Jeong (B.S.)

      Thesis: Bifurcations in the horizontally-driven pendulum, 1999. 2. [ PDF ]


        1. J. Jeong and S.-Y. Kim, "Bifurcations in a horizontally driven pendulum,"

        J. Korean Phys. Soc. 35, 393-398 (1999). [ PDF ]

  Sejoong Yong (B.S.)

      Thesis: Period-doubling transition to chaos in the 1D map, 1999. 2. [ PDF ]


  Gyungsuck Kim and Changmin Han (B.S.)

      Thesis: Computer graphics independent of the operating system, 2000. 2. [ PDF ]


  Donghee Yoon (B.S.)

      Thesis: Computer simulation using Java, 2001. 2. [ PDF ]


  Sangmo Koo (B.S.)

      Thesis: Calculator using Java, 2002. 2. [ PDF ] [Java Program]

  Soon-Young Min and A-Ra Jo (B.S.)

      Thesis: Graphic library using PGPLOT, 2003. 2. [ PDF ]

  KwangWoo Choi and Sung-Ju Kang(B.S.)

      Thesis: Development of the graphical computation package, 2004. 2. [ PDF ]

  Hyunhee Shim(B.S.)

      Thesis: Style file for the convenient documentation in MS-Word, 2004. 2. [ PDF ]


  Young-Ho Kim, Jae-Hoon Kim, and Seong-Yong Lee (B.S.)

      Thesis: Computer simulation of the neural activity using Matlab, 2006. 2. [ PDF, HWP, PPT ] [Matlab Program (Zip)]

  Ji-woon Jang, Dong-huk Kim (B.S.)

      Thesis: Dynamics behavior of neurons, 2007. 2. [ PPT, HWP ]

  Young-jae Choi, Jin-hee Choi (B.S.)

      Thesis: Dynamical Response to Noise in Neural Systems, 2008. 2. [ PPT, HWP ]

  Hyun-chul Kim, Yo-han Lee (B.S.)

      Thesis: Noise-Induced Neural Synchronization, 2009. 2. [ PPT, HWP ]

  Jin-Hyuk Jang (B.S.)

      Thesis: Correlation measure of synchronization in inhibitory neuron systems, 2011.2. [PPT, HWP]