Institute for Computational Neuroscience



Welcome to the Institute for Computational Neuroscience and the Computational Neuroscience Lab. at the Daegu National University of Education in S. Korea, which are directed by Drs. S.-Y. Kim and W. Lim. Our main concern is to study coherent population dynamics in complex neural networks. Particularly, we investigate emergence of diverse synchronized cognitive and pathological rhythms of spiking and bursting neurons in health and disease. Through interplay of the complex network science and the computational neuroscience, we also study the effect of complex network topology (e.g., small-worldness, scale-freeness, modularity) on population synchronization of neurons. Furthermore, we investigate the effect of synaptic plasticity on the normal and the abnormal brain rhythms, associated with diverse brain functions (e.g., learning, memory, and development) and diseases (e.g., Parkinsons disease, essential tremor, and epilepsy), in complex neuronal networks via cooperation of the microscopic synaptic-plasticity dynamics and the macroscopic population dynamics.

Classical Pavlovian Conditioning Memory Formation, Storage, and Retrieval in The Hippocampus Fast Sparsely Synchronized Brain Rhythm