Institute for Computational Neuroscience



Research Interests

1. Computational Neurodynamics

Hebbian Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity

Fast Brain Rhythm Emerging via Sparse Synchronization Small-World Network

Scale-Free Network

2. Collective Dynamics in an Ensemble of Globally Coupled Chaotic Systems

3. Synchronization in Coupled Chaotic Systems

4. Dynamical Transitions in Quasiperiodically Forced Systems

5. Universal Scaling Behaviors in Coupled Dynamical Systems

6. Complex Dynamics in Coupled Period-Doubling Systems

7. Bifurcations and Chaos in the Periodically Forced Oscillators

Parametrically Forced Magnetic Pendulum

8. Recurrence of Invariant Circles in Dissipative and Convervative Maps

Hourglass Structure in The Arnol'd Tongues

9. Critical Scaling Behaviors of Period n-Tuplings in Area-Preserving Maps

Singularity Spectrum f(a) for Period n-Tuplings